1. (noun) a situation of intense activity, typically one incorporating an element of competition or battle
2. (verb) to show the effects of strain, to unravel or become worn at the edge

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Adversarial as a format

Bias is a tough nut to crack. But we hate it, so we're taking our best shot. By anchoring each story with both a conservative and a progressive viewpoint, it forces us to agree on a set of facts from which we draw our conclusions. Those facts, by nature of the agreement of oppositional columnists, are stripped of bias.

Tension is Growth

Reading two diametrically opposed conclusions will help curb your bias. Competing ideas generate tension. Tension is good. Tension means you’re challenging yourself. Challenging yourself is the only way you grow.

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Empathy is a muscle

Empathizing with others is healthy. If you seek to learn why people react differently than you, then you will understand them better and be capable of empathizing more fully with those around you.

New Ideas make for fresher minds

You might actually change your mind. Shocker, but sometimes other people are smarter than you. Sometimes an idea that originated outside your small political bubble is better for everyone.