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Wait, what?

Everyone is talking past each other and nobody is listening. We think that's bad. We also think it's bad that social media has helped us unconsciously craft our own little echo chambers, rarely exposing us to intelligent perspectives from the other side of the issues. So we created FRAY. In each email we'll give you a few political topics to consider, with perspectives from left, right, and center. Facts are labeled as facts—unanimously agreed upon by our entire diverse team—and opinions are labeled as opinions. Refreshing, no? By reading FRAY, you will open yourself up to competitive ideas and learn how to identify and recognize bias in your Newsfeed. Click here to read our most recent issue.


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Truth is objective and absolute.

Facts are knowable, inflexible things. We will aggressively call out lies and misleading statements by both sides. Our job will be not only to eliminate bias in our stories, but to identify and call-out bias from other sources as well.

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Real-world application is more important than deep policy talk.

We believe you should be able to understand what’s happening in this country without a minor in political science. We will explain policies when needed and our contributors will advocate for them, but always with the intent to inform you rather than exclude you.

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There are smart people on both sides of the aisle.

No party has the market cornered on intellectualism. We believe most people want to make the world a better place and parties are a functional way of turning their desire into reality. There can be fair debate between intellectually honest people.

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*We respect your privacy. You'll only ever get emails from us.*