Big Changes To Healthcare Are Coming

Congressional Republicans have released their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. The American Health Care Act (AHCA) will usher in big changes to the healthcare opportunities and options for millions of Americans. But how will it affect you? The team at FRAY is adding a new weekly email to address these broad changes and keep you informed.

You may have questions like:

What are the key differences between THe ACA and THe AHCA?
How will this impact my small business?
What will the tax exemptions look like and who will they apply to?
Will I still be penalized for not buying insurance?

We'll answer all these questions, plus the questions you submit below, each week from now until the AHCA dies or is signed into law.

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FRAY is a six-minute email designed to keep you informed and unravel your political biases. Twice a week, we take one current event and cover both sides in an under six minute read. We start with a bulleted, sourced, and bias free fact sheet. Then we have a conservative and a progressive respond to the facts. Taken together, you can come away with a better understanding of the news, a new way to look at your own bias, and perhaps even a fresh perspective. See an example of the email here.

We're taking that perspective and approach to the new Healthcare effort. Once a week, from now until the AHCA dies or is signed into law, we'll be sending a special brief Healthcare Alert, exclusively to our FRAY subscribers, covering the factual updates and the conservative and progressive perspectives on these developments. Stay informed, stay up-to-date, stay in the FRAY.

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