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Join the movement to make political conversation... great again? Too on the nose? Hold on, let me try again.

Can we join together to reduce political bias and break down echo chambers everywhere? Yes, we... can. Sorry, it's hard to do this without a politician's pitch.

Like 42 & 43 up there, we're best buds, but there's more we can accomplish together than apart. It's kind of our whole message, to be honest.

Join FRAY+ to help support this growing, independent, bias-destroying media company and you'll be helping bring unbiased news to thousands of people each week.

Join FRAY+ for just $5/month or $55/year and along with being a part of keeping independent journalism alive, you'll also get the killer perks listed below.

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Access to a private Facebook group where we host live streams and discussions, gather feedback from FRAY+ members, and share the full team debate on each topic exclusively with FRAY+ members

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First access to original reporting and stories from the FRAY team, days or sometimes weeks before we debut it in the email.


If you sign up for the Annual Option, you'll receive one of our awesome t-shirts (available sizes and designs may vary).


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